Exercise after baby… what’s changed?
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Exercise after baby… what’s changed?

Exercise after baby… what’s changed?

Life is so different after a baby!  Not just with having a new addition to your family, but now it’s not only about you anymore.  But it’s still somewhat about you… that’s what so many Moms forget.  You have to be good to yourself, and you have to get back to your best, fullest you!

When you’re looking to start back to exercise, whether it’s something you’re looking to return to after giving birth or it’s some new activity, you have to remember that your body is different now.

Do you have a diastasis recti?  This is a long name for a separation of the rectus abdominus muscle, also known as the “mummy tummy”.  This separation that can start while pregnant often returns to a normal position after giving birth, but not always.  Rest assured there are several things you can do to help improve this, but having one means there are certain things to do before returning to certain activities.

Some exercises, such as abdominal crunches, some leg lifts, and planks may not be good for you right away. Ideally, you should have a physiotherapist who works in pelvic health assess you for a diastasis recti and design a progressive plan for your safe return to activity.

Exercises can be modified to be performed safely, and progressions can be made once you get stronger, and it always starts with the breath! Once you are ready to start exercising, set out to re-build (or build!) your fitness foundation, set some goals, and be consistent! See more at http://elevation-physio.com/services/pregnancy-physiotherapy.