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  If you’re leaking urine when you cough, sneeze or laugh, it’s no laughing matter—but there is a lot that you can do to help it.  It is not normal to leak even if you’ve had kids, nor is it an inevitable part of aging. The muscles of the pelvic floor work...

  A recent study in the journal Neuropsycologia finds that our brains tend to be wired towards being lazy.  People know that they should exercise and even may plan to work out, but electrical signals in the brain may be motivating them to be sedentary.  Relatively few people exercise regularly, even...

The season is fast approaching, and whether your interest is downhill or cross-country skiing, you should put in some preparation to ensure that your body is ready when the snow falls.  Injury prevention when skiing involves more than just physical strength:  one has to be mentally prepared and of course, ensure that the equipment is well-maintained. Physical components of ski fitness involve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength training and balance skills.  If your legs get tired quickly, you increase the risk of falling after skiing only a few runs.  Evidence has shown that ski injuries are most likely to occur in the late morning or late afternoon after people have been on the hills/trails for a few hours.  The most common injuries are to the knees (20-32%) or thumbs (17-25%). Here are 3 tips:

The pelvic floor group of muscles act like any other muscle in your body, and they take consistent work to make them stronger and get them flexible.  It is important that they get regular use, and you have to train your brain to know how to contract the pelvic floor muscles properly and build endurance and control. A proper pelvic floor contraction, or a Kegel, is a lift:  imagine a marble sitting outside your vagina and you want to just bring it inside.