Registered Massage Therapy
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Registered Massage Therapy

A massage can help you relax, but massage therapy can do so much more for you! At Elevation Physiotherapy and Wellness, we focus on therapeutic massage – our massage therapists use specific techniques to help address your injury or area of pain or tension in order to get you feeling better right away.  Our massage therapists work directly with our physiotherapists to make sure our team gets you back to function quickly.


What is Massage Therapy?

“Massage therapy consists primarily of hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, specifically the muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints for the purpose of optimizing health”  College of Massage Therapists of Ontario


Massage therapy can help the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems and promote overall health and wellness. Massage can help relieve of prevent pain, stiffness and the effects of stress.

Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness :: Providing Registered Massage Therapy Services
Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness :: Providing Registered Massage Therapy Services
Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness :: Providing Registered Massage Therapy Services

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are many short and long term benefits of massage therapy, including:

  • Eases musculoskeletal pain
  • Help to counteract all of the sitting you do
  • Exercise and stretch weak or tight muscles
  • Increase joint flexibility
  • Promote tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue
  • Helps to relieve tension headaches
  • Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues, improving circulation
  • Help to decrease swelling after injury or surgery
  • Improves sleep
  • Boosts immunity
  • Stimulate lymphatic flow


Is Massage Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Often, it is.  Most extended health plans include Registered Massage Therapy in the coverage.  Please check with your own plan to learn the details of your coverage, and if you require a doctor’s referral. If you have a claim covered through your Auto Insurance, you may also be eligible for massage therapy coverage.


Contact Us to Book an Appointment

If you’re dealing with stiff, sore joints and aches and pains in your muscles, come into our clinic for some therapeutic massage therapy. Please contact our office to book your first appointment, or simply fill in our form and we’ll get in touch with you.