Pre-Natal & Postpartum Physiotherapy
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Pre-Natal & Postpartum Physiotherapy

We provide pre-natal and post-partum physiotherapy to help your body prepare for and recover from pregnancy.


Post-Partum Physiotherapy

WOW!  I didn’t know…

  • pregnancy can create a separation of your abdominal muscles at the front called a diastasis recti
  • the connective tissue around your belly has spent a long time being stretched; how do you safely get back to activity
  • many people don’t properly engage the pelvic floor group of muscles; how do you get them back to “normal” functioning?


Let’s look at your belly and pelvic floor! Your body has undergone a lot of change in the past several months. We will look at:

  • if you have a diastasis recti and determine effective exercises for you to help close any gap
  • the strength and endurance of your pelvic floor muscles and design a personal program to improve
  • your core muscles, back, pelvis and hips to ensure any issues are resolved
  • education regarding proper postures for feeding, lifting and carrying your baby
  • based on your own goals, how to safely get you back to your previous activity level and beyond!
Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness :: Pre-Natal & Postpartum Physiotherapy Services
Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness :: Pre-Natal & Postpartum Physiotherapy Services
Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness :: Providing Pre-Natal and Postpartum Physiotherapy Services

Pre-Natal Physiotherapy

During pregnancy, your body undergoes significant changes in ligamentous laxity and other physical stresses.  Our physiotherapists are trained to help you bring your body back to balance to reduce pain and dysfunction.


Treatments may include:

  • stretching and mobilization to reduce issues at the sacroiliac (SI) joints, pubic symphysis, lower back, hips and ribs
  • assessment of the pelvic floor group of muscles to prepare for birth and afterward
  • core strengthening as appropriate to prepare for birth and afterward
  • custom exercise program to maintain flexibility and strength
  • education regarding the changes in your body and how to address them


Contact Us to Book Your Appointment

If you’re pregnant or have recently become a new mother and you’re suffering from suffering from pregnancy-related pain, we’d love to provide the treatment you need! Please contact our office to book your first appointment, or simply fill in our form and we’ll get in touch with you.