Elevation Physiotherapy | 9 HELPFUL BACK PAIN FACTS
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1. Most back pain is not a serious, life-threatening condition.

2. A weak core does not cause back pain, ever. Really.

3. Feeling like you won’t get better and avoiding moving around can make the pain last longer.

4. Imaging of the back (Xray, MRI) do not determine outcomes or how long pain lasts. Often they are not helpful at all.

5. Graduated exercise and movement in all directions is safe and healthy for the spine.

6. Spine posture during sitting, standing and lifting does not predict back pain or its persistence.

7. Pain flare-ups are more related to changes in activity, stress and mood rather than structural damage.

8. Spine movement and loading is safe and builds structural resilience when it is done regularly and properly.  Effective care for LBP is relatively cheap and safe. This includes: education that is patient-centred and fosters a positive mindset, and coaching people to optimise their physical and mental health (such as engaging in physical activity and exercise, social activities, healthy sleep habits and body weight and remaining in employment).

At Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness, we are very good at helping people through their back pain to get to the source of the problem and getting them back to full life!

Get better, faster.

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