Telehealth Appointments

Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness is your partner in physiotherapy care … from anywhere.

Our video Telehealth (“Skype-style”) Services were created for ANYONE who cannot make it to the clinic for physiotherapy.

Are you:

  • A postpartum Mom who can’t easily get away for an appointment?
  • A professional who is stuck at the office and can’t get away?
  • Living in an area that does not have the services you need?
  • Stuck at home after surgery and want to initiate or progress physiotherapy care?
  • Not able to drive due to weather?
  • Wanting one-to-one care with your Physiotherapist from your own home or office?

There are always circumstances where an in-person visit with your Physiotherapist is required, but research shows that video telehealth visits can address and treat MANY issues, with the same level of care, as an in-person physiotherapy appointment.

Issues We Can Help You With Through a Telehealth Appointment

  • Physiotherapy for back or neck pain, sprains, muscles strains and more
  • Pre-Op and Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Pelvic health physiotherapy
  • Strategies to help progress from long-term pain
  • Exercise education and program creation

With a Video Telehealth Consultation, We Can:

  • Take a complete history of your problem and provide an accurate treatment plan
  • Examine range of motion and movements
  • Evaluate your strength
  • Provide education regarding your condition, posture, sleeping position
  • Prescribe exercises and stretches to help your problem, and send your program of pictures/ videos “homework” to you after your session
  • Correct your form and progress your exercises as you improve
  • Provide and progress soft tissue treatment techniques
  • Provide a full rehabilitation plan for you to do yourself, using any equipment you may have
  • Help to train another person to assist with your exercises or stretches

At Your First Appointment

All you need is an internet connection, access to a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone (using Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox).

  1. Book your initial assessment/ consultation by email here or call the clinic at (905) 607-3538.
  2. Complete the intake forms and consent. They will be emailed to you as soon as you book your appointment. Please take the time to complete these prior to your appointment.
  3. You will be sent an email; click the button to start your video appointment with your Physiotherapist. The appointment is secure and is never recorded.
  4. Please initiate your appointment a few minutes early to ensure your video and audio connections are working properly.

You Will Have Homework!

Evidence shows that people progress faster when they really understand their problem, and are given strategies to use frequently through their day. These strategies could be exercises to help remodel specific tissues, correction of your posture, discussion around supported sleeping positions, looking at how you walk– the list goes on.

We will reassess your condition with each visit, so that we can be responsive to the changes that are happening. This is all designed to get you back to where you want to be as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let’s get better, now!

Contact Us to Book an Appointment

If you can’t make it into our offices for an appointment, our telehealth services might be a great way for us to still help you! Please contact our office to book your first appointment, or simply fill in our form and we’ll get in touch with you.