How to Keep Your Fitness Goals Rockin’ this Winter
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How to Keep Your Fitness Goals Rockin’ this Winter

How to Keep Your Fitness Goals Rockin’ this Winter

Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness :: How to Keep Your Fitness Goals Rockin' This Winter

Winter is here, and although it’s not bad yet, we know what is in store for the upcoming months.  It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s icy— all conspiring to suck any motivation to keep up your fitness goals right out of your body!

But here’s the thing. We know it’s coming, so now is the time for a few easy preparations to keep your workouts loaded through the next few months.

  1. Keep your gym/yoga studio/dojo close to your home or work.  If you have to travel more than a few kilometers out of your way, you won’t go.  At least not regularly like you should.  Make your workouts easily accessible to go first thing in the morning before work, at lunch, or right after work before you go home and settle in for the night. Or train at home. It only takes a few basic piece of equipment to get in a solid workout in your own space. Some resistance bands, dumbbells or kettle bells, maybe an exercise ball or suspension system, and you’re gold.
  2. If you’reworking out outside, dress appropriately. Layers are the key. You will still sweat if it’s -20° and you’re running outdoors. No cotton, including socks, as that will hold the moisture close to your body.  Clothes that wick the moisture away from you is best, and won’t restrict your movement.
  3. A warm-up is actually important.  Even if you’re inside at the gym, you’ve probably just arrived from outside and changed into shorts and a t-shirt. When it’s cold out, blood flow to muscles decrease and joints can get stiff. Even a short warm- up will better prepare your body for the work you’re about to do.  Some dynamic stretches, a few bridges and body-weight squats, 5 minutes on a treadmill and you’re good to go!
  4. Use the winter months to try something new.  Why not try out the kickboxing studio you pass each day on your way to work?  You’re more likely to do “inside” workouts during the winter months, and why not mix it up with something you haven’t tried before? 

The bottom line:  keep yourself moving!  The pull to hibernate can be strong, but think of the next few months as an opportunity to keep yourself fit so you can hit the ground running (literally!) in the spring.