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post-partum Tag

Let’s face it—giving birth is trauma to the body, and it takes time to heal before returning to anything even remotely athletic.  Several authors established the guidelines below based on the classifications from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (Goom, Tom & Donnely, Grainne & Brockwell, Emma. (2019). Returning to running postnatal - Guidelines for...

Life is so different after a baby!  Not just with having a new addition to your family, but now it’s not only about you anymore.  But it’s still somewhat about you… that’s what so many Moms forget.  You have to be good to yourself, and you have to get back to your best, fullest you! When you’re looking to start back to exercise, whether it’s something you’re looking to return to after giving birth or it’s some new activity, you have to remember that your body is different now.