“Sloppy” Push Up Variations

We all slouch when we sit. A lot. Our spine is meant to move in all directions, so it’s not like rounding the spine forward– or slouching– is bad in itself, it’s just that so many of us do this movement all the time, and rarely put our backs in any other position. Think about it. Sitting at work, sitting while driving and eating, sitting in front of the television or visiting with people– it’s all sustained positions where our lower back is essentially fully bent forward, which is the slouching position. Then you bend forward to brush your teeth, sit on the toilet, reach in the fridge, load the dryer etc.

A great position to get your back out of the rounded forward position to do the opposite is called a “sloppy” push up. This arching of your back mechanically gets the joints of the spine gliding how they are supposed to, yet rarely does in life. It should feel smooth and easy, so if it’s feeling stiff or tight or sore, it’s telling you that you need to work through something. If that soreness continues, see you physiotherapist who can help you get to the point that the arching movement is pain-free.

Check out this video on variations of the sloppy push up, as what you do with your hands and feet dictate what part of your spine bends the most. You can see other helpful One Minute Wellness videos on our YouTube Channel at Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness.