Elevation Physiotherapy | A Little Movement Goes a Long Way!
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A Little Movement Goes a Long Way!

A Little Movement Goes a Long Way!

So it has been said that motion is lotion, and nowhere is it more important than your spine! Whether it’s shifting your sitting position or standing up to grab something or going for a little walk—make sure you keep your body moving. Every little bit counts.

Why? Almost all of your bones—including your spine– have a layer of cartilage at their ends that acts as a cushion and help spread the pressure you put through your joints with everyday movements. Surrounding the ends of the joints are capsules that hold a thick fluid that helps to lubricate the joint. When you move around even a little bit, that fluid is pushed around the joint. Another way to lubricate your joints is to drink plenty of water.

While I will still gladly ask someone with back pain to spend time sitting with a supplemental lumbar roll and correct sitting posture, newer research shows that shifting position in the chair frequently is better for spine health. If you have been sitting still for awhile, try rocking your pelvis forward and back several times to change the alignment of your pelvis and spine. This takes only a few seconds and then you can get back to it!

If you’re the type of person that needs to reward yourself for your positive behaviour, it might be worth investing in an activity tracker. The annoying vibration to inform you to move your 250 steps each hour is a helpful reminder, and it’s great to get your accolades at 10,000 steps in your day!