lower back pain
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1. Most back pain is not a serious, life-threatening condition. 2. A weak core does not cause back pain, ever. Really. 3. Feeling like you won't get better and avoiding moving around can make the pain last longer. 4. Imaging of the back (Xray, MRI) do not determine outcomes or how...

Gardening can be a form of exercise. Doing basic gardening tasks such as weeding, trimming

and raking can burn up to 300 calories an hour. It’s a good way to maintain flexibility and range of motion in your shoulders, hips and back, as well as building strength and endurance. Avoid pain and injury by starting with planned shortened sessions and gradually increase activities.

USE PROPER BODY MECHANICS When digging or raking, make sure your neck and back are fairly straight, and you’re not holding a position where you’re rounding forward—be upright, and use your legs to move around, not reaching over with your arms! Always bend from the hip joint to keep your back straight, and not from the waist.  When lifting, try to “hinge” from the hips and use your legs.

An interesting article where I both wholeheartedly agree and don't agree: the researchers report that "the best form of exercise is the one that you are going to stick with". Exercise in the form of general movement is generally fantastic, but often there are specific directions/ movements that could actually...

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that sitting is the new smoking. Many people spend WAAAYYYY too much time each and every day sitting– commuting to work, eating all of your meals, sitting at your desk, and all entertainment (reading, watching TV, dining out, going to a movie or theatre)...