You Now Have a Standing Desk for Work. What Now?
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You Now Have a Standing Desk for Work. What Now?

You Now Have a Standing Desk for Work. What Now?

Do you have a standing desk ? Here are some considerations for your work day.

We’ve now all heard that sitting is the new smoking, and you found that sitting for hours on end during work made your back and neck sore. You now have a standing desk, but how long should you be standing? What height is best? What about how you’re standing? So many questions!

Some of these questions are covered in the short video above, but it would be important to gradually build up your standing tolerance at the desk. Start with about 15-20 minutes, then sit for a time, and alternate positions through the day. Eventually try to stand for 40-50% of your work day.

It can also be helpful to have a small step in front, and have the option to put one foot up for some of your standing time. Obviously, you would want to switch feet at times while standing.

A standing desk can be a great option to break up periods of sitting, and still be productive in your day!