3 Exercises to Help You Slow Down and Settle Your Mind
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3 Exercises to Help You Slow Down and Settle Your Mind

3 Exercises to Help You Slow Down and Settle Your Mind

Are you feeling tire, stress, and have no energy?  These restorative exercises can help relieve tension in your body, improve sleep quality, improve movement, increase blood flow, tap into your central nervous system, and calm your mind. 

ELEVATION-Physiotheray-diaphragmic breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing:

  • Sit in a comfortable position and cross your legs
  • Place 1 hand on your lower ribs and the other on your abdominal muscles
  • Take a deep breath in and make sure your hands move outward, expanding your torso
  • Take a long exhale, making sure your hands and your abdominal muscles move inward
  • Once you feel your belly is expanding and contracting well, rest your hands on your thighs and close your eyes
  • Take about 10 deep breaths

Hip Flexor Release:

  • Lie on your back and lift your hips to slide a yoga bolster or folded blanket under your tailbone
  • Relax your hips and gluteal muscles and try to keep your pelvic neutral as you pull one knee towards your chest (using your hands around your thigh), and bring the opposite leg off the floor and straighten the knee
  • Keep your chin tucked and ribs down while you take several deep breaths in this position
  • Switch legs

Child’s Pose:

  • Start on your hands and knees, keep your knees wide and bring your big toes together
  • Sit your hips back towards your heels, rest your trunk downward and stretch your arms in front of you
  • Rest your forehead on the floor or a yoga block in front of you, take several deep breaths over 1 minute