The ProSTATE Of Affairs
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The ProSTATE Of Affairs

The ProSTATE Of Affairs


Do Men Need to Work Their Pelvic Floor Too? 

Both men and women have biceps, quads, and most other muscles, so why would working this very important group of muscles be important only to women?  Think of the pelvic floor as a group of muscles that act as support and stability for the base of the core—these muscles attach to the spine, hips and around the pelvis, and they blend very directly with the lower abs, oblique abdominals, and deep back muscles.  If you are working your pelvic floor muscles with your other core training, you will build a better, stronger core!

Breathing very much influences how these muscles move.  When we inhale, our diaphragm lowers and the pelvic floor descends and relaxes.  With exhalation, the pelvic floor contracts and raises with the diaphragm, and the lower abdominal and deep back muscles contract to squeeze around the spine and pelvis.  If exercising lower abdominal muscles, there is a better and more efficient contraction if we exhale and engage pelvic floor muscles at the same time!

Let’s Talk Prostate!

We can’t talk about the male pelvic floor without mentioning the prostate.  The prostate gland sits right below the bladder wraps around the urethra, which is the tube that drains urine from the bladder. If the prostate is enlarged, it can squeeze around the urethra and limit the flow of urine.

If the prostate has to be removed or have other treatments to manage issues at the prostate, many men will be incontinent for a time.  Working the pelvic floor muscles will help to build more external support around the urethra, along with proper “core“ breathing and strengthening other parts of the core, will help to restore continence in men faster than if men do nothing.  There is much that can be done for men to improve or fix their continence issues after prostate surgery, and it all begins with the pelvic floor!